Love Grows (2017)

Acoustic Vision Productions – AV007

This is the third collection of music in as many years that continues the co-mixture of writing talent, technological talent and focus on the quality of the final product. This collection includes two solo writes and five songs co-written with four different writers. As it typically was since 2013, Doug Millaway performed with at least one instrument on each cut.

Other contributors to this release include:
Tim Hildebrandt (percussion tracks)
Doug Millaway at Blind Owl Studio (recording, mixing and packaging services)
Brad Matala at Essential Sessions Studio (original mix)
John Hermansen (album art)

Zip file size: 28 MB

Notes from the Songwriters

Love Grows
The title tune started with an arrangement sent to me by my friend Doug Millaway. Doug will often send me a chord progression with instructions to “write some lyrics.” Together, we’ve written enough music since 2013 to be flexible with and trust each other. We sometimes change, re-arrange and experiment with the tools in our collective songwriting toolbox until we are both happy. The bass track on this cut features Jason Kapel.

Second Wife First
When asked by friends, “Where did that song come from?” songwriters cite a wide variety of sources. In this case, I can honestly say, “It was in my head when I woke up.” It took me ninety minutes to type in the lyrics, write a melody and figure out the chord progression. This was the last song written for this collection, and comments from listeners indicate that it is much enjoyed. Either Doug or I provided every track on this cut.

The Choice
Another example of “arrangement by Doug, lyrics & melody by Wayne.” Jason Kapel is back for this cut, and Tim Hildebrandt programmed the percussion tracks.

Find The Sun
This is a solo write by yours truly. I don’t often write “ANGRY” songs, but this one probably qualifies. I was thinking back about the changes I’ve experienced in my long life and how the past might (or might not) have compared with what’s happening in the 21st century. Again, Jason Kapel brings us the bass track and Tim Hildebrandt gives us percussion.

Spoke Too Soon
Here’s a song that exemplifies the “too much mouth, not enough brains” syndrome with regard to men in relationships. Another way to put it is “one quick method for scaring a woman away.” Co-written with fellow MAS member Mike Rudquist, Jason Kapel appears on bass, Tim Hildebrandt on percussion and Doug Millaway on everything else.

Next Generation
Another co-write, this one with fellow MAS songwriter Mike Subialka. This tune has a jazzy approach that bemoans the singer’s feeling that he (or she) is not as “hip” as s/he once was. Tim Hildebrandt provides percussion on this cut, while Doug Millaway gives us the rest of the musical arrangement.

Easy For Me
This was a co-write with a dear friend, David Werhane, who “lived the dream” as a Nashville songwriter until he passed in June of 2019 after years of struggle with a persistent brain tumor. Dave and I played many a coffeehouse round robin together in the early years of the 21st century. Our long-distance writing process consisted of his sending me a 90-second “concept” recording that usually included the hook and the trust that I could “take it from there.” With the help of Doug, Jason and Tim, I’m proud to present this cut to the public.
“Thanks, Dave. I miss you!”