“I love this world! Because it has good CDs like this to listen to…”
–Alyssa W., age 5

“[Wayne’s songs] are fun and move along nicely…[they’re a mix of] some folk, some singer-songwriter, some jazz, some pop.”
–Bronwen Williams, songwriter/recording artist

“Wayne, your tape is, like, awesome.”
–B. McMahon (not Ed’s wife)

“Congrats on the awards from the songwriting organization; that is really cool!”
–A. Ward

“It was great to see you and hear you sing again. I hope a schedule of your upcoming gigs will be arriving soon.”
–R. Giegrich, Singer/Songwriter

“Congratulations on your success with the [Midway] Folk Festival songwriting contest.”
–J. Schreifels (Wayne was selected as one of ten finalists in the first annual songwriting contest at the Midway Folk Festival in St. Paul, MN in July of 1999 AND repeated as a finalist in the re-named Minnesota Folk Festival in 2000 and 2001)

“I’m rootin’ for ya!”
–Mei Young, KDWB Radio personality, Minneapolis (KQ Homegrown show host)

“Keep up the good work on the songwriting. Maybe some day I’ll hear a song on the radio and I’ll be able to say, ‘MY BROTHER wrote that song!'”
–Brad Hamilton

“Good for you!! I’m glad that I was a part of it…”
–Rebekka Fisher, songwriter/recording artist (“Eye to Eye” on Lucky That Way)

“[I played your sampler tape] all the way from Raleigh [NC] to Reston [VA] Tuesday morning. Do you know how many times 4 songs can play in 4 hours and 315 miles?”
–B. Merritt

“I’ve been listening to your CD, and it is wonderful! Great stuff…”
–Larry Johnson, songwriter/recording artist

“I think the CD sounds fine. I like the tunes and I think your writing is strong. I’m very pleased with my contribution and I think you guys did a good job…I also like the solo that you chose to use. I remember thinking in the studio that that was the best one. The song I play on has some strong hooks to it. Keep in touch and let me know if you need my services for future projects.”
–Clint Hoover, harmonicist & recording artist (‘Lucky That Way’ on Lucky That Way)

“I heard the work that Clint Hoover did on harmonica – excellent! It’s really a catchy tune (title song).”
–Patrick Loonan, singer/songwriter/recording artist

“‘Lucky That Way’ and ‘Eye to Eye’ both have strong choruses, are themes that touch almost everyone and they’re upbeat songs.”
–A. Heath Jones, Nashville songwriter