Little Kids (2023)

Acoustic Vision Productions – Catalog number AV009

The songs on this new EP by Wayne Hamilton are designed especially for children under the age of ten. The collection was inspired a year ago, right after his granddaughter’s 5th birthday. Wayne wrote all of the lyrics and each melody.

Other contributors to Little Kids include:

  • Doug Millaway – All musical arrangements. Mill Away Music & Blind Owl Studio
  • Richard Schletty – Web, Technical Support & Artwork. Schletty Design & Sound
  • Trudi Taylor – gave her voice to two songs: “Toys” and “Sparkle The Elf”
Zip file size: 31 MB

Notes from the Songwriter

Little Kids is a unique release by Acoustic Vision, in that it is the first release of new music that will not be pressed to a CD or any other form of recording media. It is only available here, online. It is also unique because there is a distinct possibility that the number of songs will grow as new songs are created for children. Any new songs will be added to the playlist of this collection.

Like all the other music on this site, the songs on Little Kids are downloadable free of charge. However, if you’d like to use all or part of one of these songs for any COMMERCIAL purpose, royalty payments must be arranged by contacting Acoustic Vision via this site’s Contact Page.