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June 15th 2017
Wayne Hamilton

It was 1998 when I started putting this web site together, using the proprietary software of a West Coast ISP. It's been a source of both pride and frustration since then, but I continued adding pages to the site to accommodate the new music I was creating and releasing. I now have three CDs (10 or more songs per collection) and three EPs (fewer than 10 songs per collection). Information about the latest EP, titled Love Grows, is sketchy on this site right now. However, audio samples and artwork for that collection are available at my CDbaby web page.

Love Grows contains seven new songs:  two solo writes, two co-writes with live-performance-partner Doug Millaway and three additional co-writes, one each with Mike Rudquist, David Werhane and Mike Subialka.

Please let me know if you have questions or comments, and thank you for listening!