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EP #2 finished!

April 1st 2016
Wayne Hamilton

In my last entry (August, 2015), I brazenly wrote:

"I'm already beginning work on another EP with half a dozen different co-writers! This one might be ready by the end of this year, but reality might dictate an early 2016 release...we'll see."

Well we have seen and the possibility of a 2016 release has occurred. The title is WE KNOW (cut number 5), and we have not six, but SEVEN cuts on this collection, including:
"Lose To Win" written with Jacson Miller (MN
"No Other Way" written with Doug Millaway (MN)
"A Lifetime To Forget" with Marc-Alan Barnette (TN)
"Drew Her Heart" with Mike Subialka (MN)
"We Know" with David Werhane (MN)
"The Tree" with Larry Suess (MN)
"Goodbye" with Mike Rudquist (MN)

Though a couple months later than I hoped, I'm very happy with the final collection. The official release date is April 12, and it will first be available via CDbaby, then, thanks to CDbaby, to music download sites everywhere and eventually via this site. Of course, you'll also be able to pick one or two up at my gigs.