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January 13th 2015
Wayne Hamilton

After nearly two years of irritating delays (don't ask), I'm very happy to present my latest release, titled You Never Knew. This disk consists of ten songs and a bonus track, all of which add up to 40 minutes of music I hope you'll enjoy.

As usual, there's a wide range of styles on this collection, from the jazzy title cut to a couple of country-esque tunes to folk and story songs and more.

There are already future releases in the works, but perhaps not a full "ten plus" collection. To get my music out to the market faster, I'm planning a series of EPs based on numerous co-writes produced in different locations. The first EP might happen yet this year (2015).

The physical disks are available on CDbaby.com, and those nice folks make the digital files available on download sites globally, including iTunes.

As always, thanks for your outstanding support!
- Wayne