Track One: A Packrat's Mind

Stanley Bing died in his basement surrounded by his memories
Coin collections, souvenir golf balls and pieces of debris
Splintered chairs, all gouged and nicked
Dusty magazines and candlesticks
He once swore it could all be fixed
But it wouldn't be today

Stanley Bing cannot bring
To the heavens above on angels wings
His Princess phone or the Burma-shave signs
A curious thing - A packrat's mind

He had papers piled to the ceiling; spiders crawled through the classifieds
Mail addressed to Resident - Stanley kept it, we dont know why
He mustve thought they were worth a mint
Like the photographs and the laundry lint
Maybe they served as evidence
Of the life he left behind

Stanley had a daughter who didnt care what folks would say
She hauled the junk to the local dump and she threw the rest away
As she buried Stanleys ashes, she knew he would object
Cause she hadnt left anything for another packrat to collect

© 2008 Louie Lawent, Wayne Hamilton. All Rights Reserved.

Track Two: Crazy Heart

I am a man who's livin' with a crazy heart
A crazy heart inside of me
When I found you it made the crazy start
That's when I first began to see

Crazy heart, crazy heart, crazy for you
Crazy heart, crazy heart

You're crazy too, a woman who loves adventure
Made for each other, yes its true
I like the way you answer the messages I send you
When you're with me, I know what to do

Loneliness disappears whenever we're together
Your love has made it clear, I'll be with you forever

© 2009, Wayne Hamilton, from a concept by Richard Schletty. All Rights Reserved.

Track Three: You Never Knew

You never knew I cried when you left me; you said you had to be free
You never tried and you never did get me; you never knew about me

You never knew bout me, though I loved you
I never knew why you could not love me
Y' took everything, when Id give it for nothin
Never opened your eyes long enough to see

You never cared, never asked any questions
What was the difference 'tween your wants and your needs?
We didn't talk and you made no suggestions, you had no clue about me

You never knew bout me, though I loved you
I couldn't understand why you didn't love me.
You're a cold-hearted woman who gave up on lovin'
Tear out my heart, stand there cool as the breeze

I'd go anywhere, fly 'cross the ocean t'do what you want me to do
Lift any load, I would feed any notion, darlin' I cared about you, but you see
You never knew about me; no you didn't
You never knew about me

© 2003 Wayne Hamilton. All Rights Reserved.

Track 4: Common Ground

Zachoriah took a rebel stand with all his mind and soul
His brother Nathan pledged his life to keep the Union whole
Since their nation had exploded and broke apart in war,
The bond between the brothers couldn't hold them anymore

Those brothers from Kentucky simply shut each other out
They would argue on and on, but neither one would come around
When the bitter war came raging one went North and one went South
And they marched off into battle never finding common ground

At Chancellorsville, they stood the test fighting on opposing sides
Then at Gettysburg the Devil's Den, where neither one could hide
In a thundercloud of cannon at that battle, hand-to-hand,
The brothers sent each other to the angel's promised land

Now the bloody war is over and the brothers can be found
In the churchyard on the meadow side by side in common ground

© 2009, 2010 Dennis Goodwin and Wayne Hamilton. All Rights Reserved.

Track 5: Ghost In Rebel Gray

Deep within the Union lines, no one knew he was around
John Mosby from Virginia crept in without a sound
Like a southern apparition, he would leave, without a trace
With a load of Union prisoners and a smile upon his face

When the rebel ghost was prowling, Grant shook his head and swore
Lee would grin and say I wish I had a hundred more
One second there was nothin' all the Union boys would say
Next thing you know they're runnin from the ghost in rebel gray

With his rangers by his side at the darkest hour of night
That spirit from Virginia would make an eerie sight
Then he raided Fairfax Courthouse and he left, to their disgrace
With a general, two captains and a smile upon his face

Mosby hit the Union side wherever chance allowed
Fightin' for the South and for his state
Mosby and his thirteen men made Virginians proud
Smart men ridin' hard and shootin' straight

© 2010 Dennis Goodwin and Wayne Hamilton. All Rights Reserved.

Track Six: Gettysburg

The sun came up as I picked my way across the battlefield
After three long days of death the fighting stopped the day before
I heard a man cry out in pain beneath a bush of thorns
I found a soldier dressed in gray and knew that man would fight no more
I offered my canteen; the man looked up at me
We recognized each other through the years and dirt and pain
Michael said, I'm glad you found me, but it wont be long
I'm bleedin' bad, my boyhood friend; by sunset I'll be gone.

You and I grew up together here in Gettysburg
We didn't know the world would go to hell and break us all apart
This war pulled us back together here to Gettysburg
I guess it's right that it should end for me here, where I got my start

Michael told me he came back to find his love
He'd planned to look for Jenny and ask her for her hand
But he'd been hit by grapeshot as he made his way toward town
He never got the chance to ask her; Union cannon shot him down
I stayed with Michael 'til his life had slipped away
Then I went to find his Jenny, a blue-eyed girl who lived in town
I thought of how she cried when Michael chose the Southern side
And I wished she could have heard his voice before young Michael died

I tapped softly on the door of Jenny's house
Her tearful mother greeted me and opened up the door
When I asked the reason for her tears, Oh God!, she cried
A soldier's bullet hit our girl, and now young Jenny's died.
War had pushed the three of us down separate roads
We'd all grown up together in this Pennsylvania town
More than fifty thousand soldiers lost in just three days
But only one civilian, Jenny Wade, had lost her life that way
We three friends are all together here in Gettysburg
We didn't know the world would go to hell and break us all apart
This war pulled us back together here to Gettysburg
War can change the best of us and break the strongest heart

© 2000, Wayne Hamilton. All Rights Reserved.

Track 7: Far Side Of Gone

Sometimes I ask myself where you been when you come rollin' in late
I'm hopin' you've done the right thing, baby, when you walk through the garden gate
I'd hate to think that you been cheatin' or foolin' around outside
I wanna believe you still love me, honey, and you got nothin' to hide

If that ain't the case and you're even thinkin'
Of doin' somethin' bad that would drive me to drinkin'
If you wind up doin' me wrong, I'll be on the far side of gone

You say your boss made you stick around on the job
So you were late for a drink with your friends
You went to see your mama 'bout nothin at all
And hit a traffic jam that would not end
While you were stuck in that jam, you ran outta gas, so you never made it to the gym
All of this makes for a heck of a day, but you say it won't happen again

When you come home late you always tell me you're sorry
But you've always got a believable story

© 2009 Larry Suess and Wayne Hamilton. All Rights Reserved.

Track 8: Northfield

Well I was drivin around in Northfield late one Saturday night
Saw the glow of Faribault on my left, Minneapolis/St. Paul on my right
And I dont know where Im goin; Hell, I dont even know where I been
Im a ramblin man, but I like this place; think Ill come back here again

They got Holstein cows in Northfield, standin' there in black and white
Chewin' their cud, walkin' through mud; man, it is a rustic sight
But the cows are less contented than the people livin there
They could choose to go, but Ill tell you no, they aint goin anywhere

As I wandered round the country, guess I lost that place called home
I almost found it here, at least its very near to where I wanna be when I no longer roam

Met some college kids in Northfield; it's got two of that kinda school
When those younguns move away from that town, they will be nobody's fool
If you got that education there ain't noplace you can't go
When they asked me where I planned to go next, I had to tell them I dont know.

As I wandered 'round the country guess I lost that place called home
I almost found it here at least it's very near to where I wanna be when I no longer roam

Jessie James rode up to Northfield; thought he'd rob the Bank in town
But he hit the damnedest buzzsaw and got his gang shot upside down
Well, the word spread round the country, and the people heard it well
You don't mess with Minnesota, 'cause if you do you'll go to Hell

Now I'm drivin' away from Northfield; I'll return here now and then
Not sure how, not sure why and I surely don't know when
Cause I don't know where Im goin'; I don't even know where I been

I'm a ramblin' man, but I like this place; think I'll come back here again
Yeah, I like this place, feels all right; think I'll come back here again

© 2001 Wayne Hamilton. All rights reserved.

Track 9: That Kind Of Trouble

First month on my new job, startin' out a different life
Found myself at the company picnic, bein' chased by the boss's wife
She had a look on her face like I was her next meal and she hadn't eaten all day
She started to unbutton the front of my shirt - That's when I had to say

I don't need that kind of trouble
That ain't where I wanna be
I don't need that kind of trouble
Trouble's always findin' me

On my way home each Friday, got my money in my hand
That casino with the sign out front, invites me to come in
They got roulette, slots & blackjack workin' seven nights a week
My buddies blow their paycheck tryin' to grab that golden ring

Don't need no Baptist preacher screamin' at me every day
A little common sense - you know it goes a long, long way

© 2006, Marc-Alan Barnette and Wayne Hamilton. All rights reserved.

Track 10: Bad Company

You found another man, and I'll never be the same
I'm alone again tonight, got that lonesome misery
Your smile at me in a photograph is all that remains
Pretty smiles from you mean sleepless nights for me

Bad company, good memories
The happy times you left behind make me cry
In my mind the best of life was the love you shared with me
But Good memories of you make Bad Company

You wrote and said you hoped I would understand
Now youre holdin' him as you love him tenderly
I remember the nights you told me you were glad I was your man
Sweet whispers from you make painful nights for me

Each night Im a single man in a lonely double bed
Wide awake, wonderin' why as I play it all back in my head

© 2009, Corey Tanner and Wayne Hamilton. All Rights Reserved.

Track 11: A Christmas Song For You

This time of year we think of friends and wish that we could see them
But we never find the time to get away
We live so far from family and wish that we could be there
To give a hug and all our love for them on Christmas day
And though we have so many ways to show how much we care
There is a special way to send the love we want to share

Here's a Christmas song for you, and for all your loved ones too
May this tune find you happy and surrounded by love
In this season when music rings so true
Here's a Christmas, here's a Christmas, here's a Christmas song for you

So raise a cup of Yuletide cheer and sing this Christmas song
We'll be together once again - hope it won't be long

© 2008 Wayne Hamilton. All Rights Reserved.