Lose To Win

I knew a girl named Jennifer
I was makin’ plans to marry her
She ran off with another man
I never saw her again
So glad fate made me wait
‘Cause two weeks later, met my sweet soul mate
That near atrocity gave me a whole new philosophy

Sometimes you gotta lose, you gotta lose to win
You can’t control which way the wind is gonna blow
Walk down the road, don’t know where it’s gonna go
Tell you again my friend, sometimes you gotta lose to win

Saw an ad for a fifties Bel Air
Grabbed my checkbook and ran over there
When I got to the dealer’s lot
Found out the car had been bought
Later on I felt pretty good
Saw the Chevy broke down, smoke under the hood
That near atrocity reinforced my new philosophy

                   When you get bad news, it don’t always bring the blues
                   Sometimes you gotta lose to win

© 2014 Wayne Hamilton & Jacson Miller. All Rights Reserved.

No Other Way

People wonder why I’m always smiling
Scratch their heads, what have I got to hide?
I’m not trying to be that beguiling
You’re the reason my smile is so wide

It couldn’t be any more simple
You make it easy it’s easy to say
Love is here without a wrinkle or a ripple
For us there’s no other way

Some couples act like life is a war zone
Can’t make love until after they fight
Keeping score and looking for sticks and stones
Maybe someday they'll all see the light

© 2015 Wayne Hamilton & Doug Millaway. All Rights Reserved.

A Lifetime To Forget

Today I was thinkin’ – has it really been a year
Since that weekend? It seems like yesterday
I found that old matchbook with your name & number on the back
When you handed it to me you lit a flame
        Two people in a cafe livin’ separate lives
        You had your world I had mine, but suddenly those worlds collide

The moment I met you, I knew you’d take a lifetime to forget
Thoughts of you never seem to fade away
The moment I met you is the moment my heart knew
You would take a lifetime, a lifetime to forget

When I’m alone now, memories of you come rushing in
And I imagine you’re here with me again
Recalling your kisses, your touch, your hair, your eyes
Takes my breath away today as it did then
        I tried to keep you with me; you said you couldn’t stay
        And ever since that day, my heart has never been the same

I don’t believe I’ll ever see your face again
But I wonder if you ever think of me; do you remember?

© 2006 Wayne Hamilton & Marc-Alan Barnette. All Rights Reserved.


Drew Her Heart

Tenth grade math, back row of class ignoring that chapter test
Put pencil to paper, started to sketch her tried hard to make it his best
As the picture appeared, swore he could hear the pounding in his chest
Pounding in his chest

Drew her heart next to his – what a place to begin
Four curves, two points, no doubts
Yeah he loved that picture – imagined his life with her
When he drew her heart next to his

Six years together, they started forever with a ring and a single rose
White tux and bow tie, veil over her eyes, their first official toast
Mister and missus, dances and kisses, reach to pull her close
Reach to pull her close

Delivery room, right before noon
He cut the cord, now he gently cuddles their reward


© 2013 Wayne Hamilton & Mike Subialka. All Rights Reserved.


We Know

When you need a place where you can find a smile just
Look into my face and I’ll be there for you
Nearby you know my heart runs a record mile just
Stand up close to me and know my words are true

Together in the heart, together in the soul
Anywhere we are, we know
Forever in the heart, forever in the soul
Everywhere we are, we know

Staring at the sea or blinking at the stars when
You are next to me it feels like I am home
You know where I am and I know where you are when
We can touch and know that we are not alone


© 2015 Wayne Hamilton & David Werhane. All Rights Reserved.


The Tree

The tree in our back yard when I was a child was a wonder to someone so small
It was one hundred eighty years old at the time and almost a hundred feet tall
That tree gave us so much, like shade in the summer, like leaf mulch for gardens in spring
It was a fine home for many small beasts & a place where the songbirds could sing

For two hundred summers the tree grew strong and tall
Rain, sunshine, clean air made it green
I could not imagine anything would make it fall
It was the best old tree I’ve ever seen

One June, when I married, we stood ‘neath the tree and happily traded our vows
Then, in October, life started to fade from those wonderful, stately old boughs
We didn’t know what was killing our tree and we didn’t exactly know why
We only knew Mother Nature was calling; our old tree was going to die

We harvested all of the wood from our tree and made many beautiful things
We will enjoy them the rest of our lives, enjoy them for many more springs
Next year I'll go to that spot in the yard where our strong old tree once stood
I'll bring a pretty young sapling to plant, and start me some new green wood

For two hundred summers it will grow strong and tall
I’ll help Mother Nature keep it green     
I cannot imagine anything will make it fall
It’ll be the best new tree you’ve ever seen
Yes it will
The best new tree you’ve ever seen

© 2001, 2009, 2015 Wayne Hamilton & Larry Suess. All rights reserved.



Poets and scholars write educated phrases
Rivers of ink flow across the printed pages
Millions of choices for words we can use
Giving to others the good and bad news
         She’s no poet, no woman of letters
         But she could’ve said something I would’ve liked better

Goodbye don’t sound good to me
Goodbye whispered in my ear
Goodbye hits me painfully
Goodbye that’s the last thing I wanted to hear

She walked out the door & I stood there starin’
I thought I gave her lots of lovin’ and carin’
I knew I should’ve brought her those flowers and candy
And that diamond we looked at would sure come in handy
         She’s no poet, no woman of letters
         But she could’ve said something I would’ve liked better

Goodbye don’t sound good to me
Goodbye whispered in my ear
Goodbye hits me painfully
Goodbye that’s the last thing I wanted to hear

Now that it’s over, and nothing is left
If I’m ever the one who’s leaving, I’ll say anything anything except

© 2013 Wayne Hamilton & Mike Rudquist and. All Rights Reserved.