Smallest Sign
      I saw you comin’ a mile away; You never even looked at me
      When you passed you took my smile away
      But I knew where I wanted to be
      I told myself I didn’t care; You didn’t really hurt my pride
      I knew I’d follow you anywhere; Here or there, any day, any time
So don’t go stop and talk for a minute
Let your eyes rest upon mine
I know I would love to begin it
All I need is the smallest sign
      You act like a person with purpose; Like a person with mountains to climb
      I’m not worried, not even nervous; ‘Cause you know I got nothin’ but time
     I’m thinkin’ you might care for me; I know that I care about you
      Don’t know where it takes us where it leads; But I know what I’m planning to do  
When You’re Not Here
      Standing on a corner watching for the light to change
      Working through a summer day, hoping for some rain
      Waiting for an acorn to become a tree
      Wishing you were here next to me
I wait because I want you
I wait because I care
All I can think about is the life we cannot share
When you’re not here
      A slow sunrise floating over the ridge
      Counting all the people walking across a bridge
      Minutes and hours stretching into years
      Time moves slower when you’re not near
          You don’t leave because you want to
          You miss me like I miss you
          When the time comes and you can stay
          We’ll build a life of love – that’s what we’ll do
Build Your Own Damn House
      Woman walking to her weekly meeting; Sees an old man reading on the way
      First they exchange a simple greeting; Soon there’s conversation every day
      She tells him all about her issues; Problems with her man, her job, her head
      While she talks, she uses lots of tissues; Asked him for advice; the old man said:
Build your own damn house; Make your own little world
Don’t sit around and pout; Don’t let your brain get curled
Don’t let your fears ever win; Don’t whine and don’t grouse
Let the sunshine in and build your own damn house
       You know troubled times can really haunt you; But it can also lead to change
        I bet you can shake it if you want to; You can get stronger from your pain
        Go on and build your own tomorrow; I hope you celebrate the past
        Be happy, turn your back on sorrow; Deal with trouble quick – kick its ass
              Individuality, energy, maturity, tools you need to keep you free; here’s a couple more:
              Communication, adaptation, common sense and education
              Find your own accommodation to keep you off the floor

I Can’t Wait
        You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?
        I can tell by the smile you’re giving me
        The way you turn your head to listen
        Shows there’s more for me to see
Days are brighter since I found you
The quiet time we spend alone
Nights are sweeter since I met you
I can’t wait ‘til I get home
        You know what I’m thinking about, don’t you?
        I can tell by the look on your face
        The way you take my hand in yours
        Is a feeling I cannot replace
              When someone understands you
              What you think and feel and say
              You don’t ever want to lose that
              Never let it get away

Time To Hit The Road
        Everybody seems to know exactly what’s best for me
        They don’t know a thing about me and they will never see
        Took a lot of years, a lot of tears to get where I am today
        I might talk to a friend, but in the end, there’s nothing they can say
Nobody understands
Gonna carry out my plan
Grab a suitcase, don’t need that much, y’know
After years of sittin’ here, it’s time to hit the road
        I hurry and I worry and I give myself a heart attack
        Tired of always giving without getting anything back
        Gotta get somewhere I can clear my head, where I can breathe
        Leave the daily grind behind and find me some relief
              No one has the right to tell me how to think, or what to feel
              This pressure has brought me to the brink, so I’ll take some time to heal