June 15th 2017
Wayne Hamilton
It was 1998 when I started putting this web site together, using the proprietary software of a West Coast ISP. It's been a source of both pride and frustration since then, but I continued adding pages to the site to accommodate the new music I

EP #2 finished!

April 1st 2016
Wayne Hamilton
In my last entry (August, 2015), I brazenly wrote: "I'm already beginning work on another EP with half a dozen different co-writers! This one might be ready by the end of this year, but reality might dictate an early 2016

My First EP

August 14th 2015
Wayne Hamilton
In October of 2013, guitar wizard Doug Millaway and I were paired up when our names were pulled from a hat for a co-writing exercise with the Minnesota Association of Songwriters. We had until late January to come up with a song to be presented to


January 13th 2015
Wayne Hamilton
After nearly two years of irritating delays (don't ask), I'm very happy to present my latest release, titled You Never Knew. This disk consists of ten songs and a bonus track, all of which add up to 40 minutes of music I hope you'll

New CD coming soon!

August 16th 2013
I'm excited to tell you about a new CD that will be released in the very near future! It's called You Never Knew. OK, I hear you..."Wayne, NOBODY buys CDs anymore!" Yes, yes, I know. However, my friends at CD baby will have some for

Personally, I love to co-write. Others, not so much. This guide, by Kim Copeland, Nashville Producer & songwriting guru, will give you some help considering whether or not you might benefit from on! To Write Or To Co-Write,

Happy New Year!

January 1st 2011
From me to you, best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2011! From time to time, I get a newsletter from Dallas songwriter Mary Dawson. I've heard from more than one successful songwriter that some of the best wielders of the craft are

To Blog, or not to Blog

December 19th 2010
First, thanks for taking the time to visit my web site. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Second, I put a BLOG page on this site, but would like to explain that, at least for now, I won't be "holding forth" with personal opinions

As an Indie artist and an early adopter of the Internet, I receive missives about the arts from many sources. Much of what I get are useless spam and are quickly relegated to the electronic trash heap. Occasionally, an item of interest hits my