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Wayne Hamilton

Performing songwriter Wayne Hamilton offers his audiences original acoustic music and songs from his roots in classic folk, blues, R&B and Pop. Wayne has a little something for everyone who enjoys music, regardless of your favorite genre or age group. His act has been proven in numerous venue types with a wide variety of listeners. Once you hear him, you'll want to do it again.

Here are video samples of songs, written by him and by others, that Wayne has performed

The music is finely crafted and easy listening, but at root the songs of Wayne Hamilton are about story. Each song is a story simply told...one might imagine Hamilton sitting by a campfire, a small but interested group of campers listening at his knee. Hamilton's music would fit well into an easy listening format on radio. Even when it rocks, it's quiet and comfortable. The style is broad and eclectic, drawing from several genres, yet the sound is unified and cohesive. The combination of Hamilton's writing and vocal skills with the fine musicianship of his band make Lucky That Way a comfortable, enjoyable listen.
-- Bob Mackenzie, Canadian critic

Thanks to an agreement with CDbaby.com (where you can purchase all six of Wayne's physical CDs online), individual songs from Wayne's released CDs may be downloaded at several of your favorite music download sites.

In addition, you may download mp3 versions of all my CDs directly from CDbaby very affordably!

You may also download my tunes on the STORE page at this site.